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Portable Sewing Machine

Portable Sewing Machine

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Introducing our Handheld Portable Sewing Machine, the perfect solution for all your quilting needs. This lightweight and compact machine is easy to use and perfect for those who want a manual option in their home.


- Designed for quilting and can handle thick fabrics with ease

- Features a single needle, making it a great option for those who want to focus on precision and control

- Handheld design allows for easy maneuverability and control, making it perfect for intricate quilting projects

- Made of durable materials and is easy to clean, ensuring that it will last for years to come

-Weight of 0.3 kg and dimensions of 210mm x 35mm x 70mm, making it portable and easy to store

- Brand new, cross-border export special source, and it is designed for home use

- Electric sewing machine, which means it is easy to use and requires no manual pumping


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this Handheld Portable Sewing Machine is the perfect addition to your crafting arsenal. With its precision, portability and ease of use, it is the perfect machine for all your quilting needs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Juston Denesik

Good, nice and very good price
Thank you!!

Velma Stanton

The product is very cool, it works very well. It takes a little skill to use, because it has very small and mobile parts, but with practice this becomes easy. Another detail is that he cannot sew soft fabrics, such as dryfit for example. For this it is necessary to sew a piece of fabric thicker underneath, so the machine does not curl.

Malinda Feest

The truth is that very happy with this very practical invention. I just got there and I 've put it into operation and it's going great. I made the bass to some curtains and I also hemmed a fabric that I had at home and it was great.

Rachel Hand

Shipping Faster

Hermann Gulgowski

When traveling, if you urgently need to file something-the very thing. works both from batteries and from the network.